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Services Offered by WildFire Media Relations LLC

Media Relations -
Much more than just the writing and sending out of press releases, a proper media relations program should be the cornerstone of any public relations strategy. Many companies and organizations simply lack the staff, time and effort to properly maintain their media relations profile. WildFire Media Relations LLC is flexible in its approach. Our clients' needs range anywhere from one-time services to get a media relations program up and running to fulltime handling of your media relations. Media relations services include:

  • Media list development and maintenance. WildFire Media Relations LLC will identify desired local, regional and national media, including trade press, for your company or organization. We then compile key editors and contact information.
  • Media Tools Development: WildFire Media Relations LLC can help you establish the right media relations tools, which include:
  • Press Release Template: WildFire Media Relations LLC can design a press release template that makes it easy for your message to get through to the media.
  • Backgrounder: A one to two paragraph backgrounder helps position your company or organization. It should be attached to every press release issued, featured in the press room on your website and included in each press kit assembled.
  • Fact Sheet: A one-page fact sheet that helps the media understand your company or organization is an important tool. WildFire Media Relations LLC can design a winning fact sheet for you.
  • Company Tagline: WildFire Media Relations LLC can help your company develop a "tagline" that can be used in media releases. A "tagline" for the media is not an advertising campaign slogan or your company's mission statement. A "tagline" is a quick (less than 10 word) identifier that is used to describe your company or organization to the media. The trick is to design a "tagline" that the media is comfortable printing and that establishes or reinforces an idea you are trying to convey about your company, product or program.
  • Bios: Well-written bios of key people in your company or organization can help you attract media attention.
  • Creating and Designing News Releases: The bread and butter of media relations. WildFire Media Relations LLC will not only write your news releases, but we will help you develop topics that should garner media attention and work with you on the proper pacing of releasing news to the media. WildFire Media Relations LLC will then contact the media with the release and follow-up with key editors to ensure coverage for your company or organization.
  • Develop and Pitch Feature Stories: A properly placed feature story can generate more publicity than a dozen news releases so the development of such stories is important to a media relations campaign. WildFire Media Relations LLC can handle everything from pitch letters to the media- which attempt to interest them in covering a topic or issue- to the actual writing of entire features that trade publications often run.
  • Training Your Media Spokesperson: The goal for WildFire Media Relations LLC is to work behind-the-scenes for your success. Let us work with your media spokesperson to make him a trusted source for media.
  • Website press room: WildFire Media Relations LLC will help your company or organization take full advantage of its website by making it "press friendly." We can develop a "press room" for your site from scratch if you currently do not have one or we can give your current press site a makeover to ensure that it is properly helping the media.

Writing, Editing and Research - WildFire Media Relations LLC is here to help you with any of your writing needs. Let us help you write:
  • News Releases and Media Alerts
  • Backgrounders, Bios and Fact Sheets
  • Bylined Feature Stories, OpEd Columns and Letters to the Editor
  • Marketing Brochures and other Marketing Material
  • Advertising Copy and other Sales Material
WildFire Media Relations LLC can provide quick and efficient editing of any of your written materials. If you need to become an "expert" on a topic or issue let our research services provide you with the information you need.

Clipping Service - For our local clients WildFire Media Relations LLC established a Northern Virginia-based clipping service in 2003. While national clipping services do a good job of keeping track of clips in larger publications, they often overlook local media that are important, especially to small and mid-sized businesses. Our clipping service can not only help you keep track of your media mentions but it can also help you keep track of competitors and issues important to the well-being of your business.

Public Relations - Looking to launch a new product or open a new business? Have an event to promote or a service to highlight? Let WildFire Media Relations LLC develop a comprehensive public relations campaign that meets your individual needs. Contact WildFire Media Relations LLC for a free outline of a public relations campaign.

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